painting big fatty graffiti letters!Was a shitty overcast day today but I had to get something up for Halloween. That, and I wanted to make a video and maybe some step by step stuff for the site.  The editing is happening this weekend so hopefully I can have that put together and posted next week.  All in all, it came out okay. Definitely not my greatest feat, I made the mistake of working on the skull last because i was trying to conserve tape for the video, but its still worth posting I suppose.  Still waiting for graffitimassive to be back up.  I am hating JustHost right now.  Seriously. Of course, thats why I started my own hosting company I guess.  If you haven’t received an invitation to the gutterhost yet, get at me because I still have a couple of slots available.  I had to limit the accounts because I want it to be manageable. Its still a one man show so I want to be able to offer the best support possible.  In the meantime,  give hostgator a try. They are the best I’ve found so far.  Pics of todays painting will be in the gallery.

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Surreal Photo Manipulation With Graffiti LettersI found a few good ebooks and tutorials that relate to photographing your art with or without models. Graffiti has come a long way over the years and its now even possible to make a living off of our art. Where such a thing may be frowned upon. I say that those doing the frowning aren’t good enough or just haven’t figured it out yet. Don’t get me wrong, to do it for money alone is pretty shitty, but at the same time, it never hurts to make a few bucks doing what you enjoy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enough ranting. here are the links:

Photography Posing Secrets: A Resource For Posing A Model For The Camera. Very handy for bodypainting or just photographing a model in front of your work.

Digital Photography Success: At Last! How To Take The Digital Photos Youve Always Wanted, And Finally Have Them Turn Out Like A Professional Photographer Has Taken Them… …Even If Youve Never Used A Digital Camera Before And Dont Know Anything About Photography

Digital Photography Secrets: Tricks And Techniques For Better Images With Your Digital Camera. Everything The Professionals Know, But Dont Want You To Know About Using Your Digital Camera To Take Stunning Photos!

Sell Your Digital Photos: This freelance photography Guide Explains Exactly How To Sell Your Photos And Make Money With Your Digital Camera. The Freelance Photography Industry Is Booming. This one is good for graffiti writers and fans alike.

The Thriving Artist: This is a 13 1/2 hour multimedia course with really good information on marketing your art to the world. This one comes highly recommended.

Painting Lessons by Andre Grobler: An excellent video series on traditional painting methods by a guy thats been painting for 43 years.

Selling your art on Ebay: Ebay is a goldmine for graffiti artists. ‘Nuff Sed

Classic Airbrush Techniques: In the 80’s, graffiti writers moved directly from spraycan to airbrush because it was so similar in method. These are tips from people that have become experts at it airbrushing technique over the years. This will definitely help to get the graffiti skills going forward.

Instantly Create A Professional Photo Portfolio: The internet is essential for monetizing your art these days. This one shows you how to build a professional looking portfolio site to get your work out there!

Figure Drawing Secrets: Characters make a piece stand out above the others. The reason is that they are so hard to do right. It all starts with figure drawing.

Well, thats it for now. Hope this list helps you move forward or learn something new to add to your art skillset.

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Custom Tshirts!

by TheGone84

your name in graffiti on a shirt Ever since I was a kid, people have been asking me to do their names for them. I have had more practice over the years by writing peoples’ names for them than I can ever hope to have on walls.

Thanks to modern technology and the availability of print on demand, I can now offer you your name not only on paper, but on your own ONE OF A KIND Tshirt!

Each shirt will be $35, hoodies black or white will be $60 and only the amount that you order will be made. After that, the design is history! This is your chance to own an original piece of artwork from a writer that’s been in the game since the early 80’s! All you have to do is hit the paypal donations button and drop your info into the comments box when you pay. Make sure to include your Name, The name you want on the shirt(s), the color and style of shirt you want and an address to mail it to!

I assure you that every piece will be done by me and if you order within 30 days from this post, I will send you the original drawing as well!

Better hurry, These things are gonna go faster that Zhu Zhu Pets! zhu zhu pets num num


New Project….

by TheGone84

inPersonJust got done with the framework for http://graffitimassive.com . Seems like all the buttons work and the site flows smoothly. All that’s missing now is writers! Lots to see and do and plenty of chances to share information with fellow writers or just fans. Stop by and have a look, sign up for the forum and upload some flix to the gallery. I am hoping that this one builds up pretty quick and becomes useful for all involved. Anyway, GO SEE FOR YOURSELF

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by TheGone84

jerseydtlsmlHello again!  Just dropping a quick line about what’s been going on of late.  As most know,  I have jumped into the webhosting and digital design arena.  Needless to say, it doesnt really have much to do with writing graffiti or any of the fine arts.  For that reason, I have separated the two and have opened gutterdesign.info as the graphic design compliment to gutterhost.com which is my hosting company.  I set up Gutterhost to cater specifically to the art and music communities by offering cheap webhosting that is also reliable.  I intend to move all of my sites there and look forward to jumping back into the scene now that I am home from Iraq.  All of my graffiti work and fine art ventures will still be showcased on this site so don’t despair.  In addition to all of this, I am also working on a few video tutorials on graffiti art and general design principles for those who are looking to learn about these things. As always, I am busy 90 percent of the time while still only completing 10 percent of my projects!  Hopefully I will come to some happy medium in the near future.  Until then, thank God for whisky LOL.

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