Gone84 larger than life!Hello again!  I know It’s been forever since I updated this page.  Been busy as can be with work and other things.  Got lots of good stuff coming up though.  Hurricane Sandy came and went. Thankfully it wasn’t much more than a loud whisper out here which is less than we were expecting.  My prayers and hopefully yours go out to all of our brothers and sisters in New York and New Jersey who didn’t fare so well.  If it weren’t for my work schedule I’d be out there with a shovel in hand.  For now though, my prayers will have to suffice.

Got some canvas in the works!  Still trying to put together a decent body of work and get a full-on gallery thing happening in the near future.  Perhaps if i quit being a bohemian about it and actually set a goal things would happen better.  Who knows.  This showing will let you see a different side of Gone84.  More figurative and abstract.  Far beyond the limited reach of stylized lettering!

Working on a couple new jackets for the fall and winter.  These ones will blow your mind once they’re finished!

As always, I’m taking on new commissions for 2013. Be it murals, canvas or whatever.  Just be quick because my schedule books up almost as soon as people know I have openings!


I guess that’s all the news I have for now.  Be sure to come back soon and often as the site will be getting a facelift probably before Thanksgiving!

Commission work isn’t always the greatest thing. First off, there is the aspect of painting something that limits the artist creatively. Sometimes that can be fun, and I always enjoy a challenge. But I can tell you that I have done commission work in the past that i would sooner have stayed home for. Next, there is the monetary issue. This almost always ends up being a problem as people don’t like to take us seriously and fail to realize that our vocation has taken years and years of learning and refinement. So many of my former customers have resorted to the barter system at payment time that I now tend toward opening that dialogue on the initial communication. And finally, there are the ungrateful hosts. These people want everything in a very limited time and with absolute perfection. Again, the result of ignorance of the work that goes into most serious artistic endevours (especially when it comes to graffiti).

What I have to tell you about now is a total 180 from everything I have come to expect from commission work.

The project was to paint 8 55 gallon drums and 8 tabletops with spraypaint for a tech outfit called DAYCINTECH which stands for Dayton/Cincinnati Technical Services. They work with a lot of vocational schools and the like, supplying and servicing their various technological and digital training needs. They do numerous trade shows and make various appearances both local and abroad to show off their work and to gain new clientele. The drums go with them everywhere and carry the names of the companies they work with in bringing this technology to their customers.

After arriving and a few communications glitches that left me staying in what has to be the rattiest Motel 6 in the world, I reached the guy I had been talking to for months about this thing(his name is Dave) and he led me to the hotel he arranged for me to stay in (Marriott….soooo nice) and fed me breakfast before we went down to get started on the project.

Contrary to what we had planned, I knocked out the whole thing in a day(things came up that made it have to happen that way) and got to work with what has to be the best customer I have ever travelled to work for. The folks at Daycintech are the most hospitable and easygoing people that I have run into in a long time. I got to the site, the drums and tabletops were all primed and ready. Dave kindly introduced me to the staff there and I set off to work. I was given not only the complete trust but also 100% artistic freedom to do the task at hand. This man fed me(if you’re ever in the Cincinnati area, I suggest you try Skyline Chili) and kept me in coffee the entire day while coming out, not to check my work, but to actually make conversation and talk! The same goes for the staff. Great folks and genuinely interesting people.

After around 10 hours of crouching down behind these barrels(reallllly feeling the results of that today), the mission was complete and Dave seemed more than satisfied. We took care of payment and all was well. I hit the Marriot and was on my way home.

The reason I put this post in so much detail is that Dave and his friends were everything a commissioned artists dreams of working with and that needs to be said. The hardest part about working what is essentially a hobby into an actual paying venture is dealing with customers and if all of them were like this, I would have no problem jumping wholeheartedly into doing this for a living.

There still remains in this society people who appreciate graffiti art for what it is and aren’t looking to trap, destroy, or exploit it in any way. These people don’t necessarily want letters on canvas or to bring the street into their living rooms for some kind of novelty. They actually understand the fact that there is an experience behind what is being presented to them and want to gain knowledge about things that they haven’t done or can’t do themselves. Plenty of up and coming writers and even some established ones will complain about “selling out” and all that nonsense and for those that commercialize it, this is very true. But some of you may want to keep in mind that what we are doing on those walls and trains is an expression of a life that America needs to see. We “Bomb the System” because the system has forgotten us. We attack because at one point in history we were being neglected and cheated by society. Now that things are different, are we still attacking for the right reasons? Or are we attacking for the sake of doing so? There is a place for us in the regular man’s world believe it or not. It is not a sin to paint legal walls or canvases. It’s when money becomes the only motivator for our actions that we really have to look inside and consider whether or not we are holding onto and passing the proper tradition of graffiti art.

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nitro888_50blurBeen a minute since I posted on here so I thought to share some insight on the life the Gone 84ster. Since my last post, I have put three new coats of paint on my favorite wall in Altoona. Would love to get a monster production up, but I just don’t have the resources at this point.  I really need to buy a ladder hahahaha.  All-in-all, I will consider today’s effort a success in that it was all done with dollar cans and still came out looking pretty decent.  I only have one shitty pic of it because it was pretty dark out, but if it’s still up next week I will add a few to the gallery.  In the meantime, you will have to deal with the shitty blurred pic with the saturation cranked up.

From time to time I get a small audience gathering as I paint and lots of questions, which is a good thing. More often than not its things like “how do you do that” or “can you write my name in graffiti” or something of that sort.  Every now and again I’ll see the one or two inspired kids that really want to learn how to do it but past experience has shown me that they usually go their own way when they figure out that it’s actually art and takes work.  Some will roll off and do just enough to impress their friends or girlfriends and never actually learn anything but what they can copy off of the internet.  They buy the expensive paint online, load their pockets with caps and then proceed to make a god-awful mess of their neighbourhood in the effort to impress those who don’t know any better.  I am sure you have seen them around, the fake gangstas speaking some foreign language they presume to be “street” and just wreaking of “wannabe”.

Well today, after two years of beating on this wall, I have found a new audience, or rather they have found me.  A few of the local kids popped up and sat there…watching.  Asking the good questions, talking about their blackbooks and how they have to refine their letters.  This to me is an inspiration. It’s one of the few reasons I haven’t retired from the sport yet.  The craft needs to be passed on in all of its forms.  The LIFESTYLE just as much as the techniques that make us writers different from most of the society that comsumes our art. Could it be, that there is a real future for graffiti art in this town?  Is it really possible that there are some local kids who don’t equate writing graffiti with snoop dogg and crippin’?  One of these young cats was even bold enough to show me one of his drawings.  I was amazed to see simple, clean letters.  No arrows, no 3d, no chips or none of that shit that the fakers like to do as soon as they pick up a pencil.  This young man may very well have the right idea.  A notion of concept that escapes those who are in it for the wrong reasons.  I am not going to say that they were very good letters, definitely not the work of a skilled craftsmen, but the beginnings, if pursued of an enlightenment offered only to the true seeker.  I never did catch their names, but I was sure to extend the invitation to stop out with their blackbooks any day when I am out there.  Its been a really long time since I have witnessed kids that were as dedicated to this vocation as I am.  It takes a certain kind of insanity, it really does. But I am hoping they continue to pursue this and will forward this tradition in any way possible.

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graffiti doesn't always have to be letters.Been slow here lately but I got a couple nice days to paint recently. Hoping to get out today to hit a thing or two but it’s hard to tell. There are a couple of other projects in the works to look forward to of course. Graffitimassive is starting to populate and the forum should be taking off and getting very busy soon. I am working on releasing my own brand of sketchbook in the very near future. This one will be a little different in that it will be geared toward people trying to learn and will have lessons in between some of the blank pages for easy reference and practice! More on that within the next couple of weeks. As always, there are a few canvases to be released soon and a jacket I am painting. Planning to travel over to Ohio for a special mission here soon also if the client and I can touch base on a timeframe and some other things. The pics for that one promise to be nothing short of amazing so look for it!


New graffiti style shirt just in time for Christmas!Here ya go! Another new shirt design(just click on the picture or THIS LINK). Trying to do some without letters on them for awhile. For some reason I have been inspired to do more drawing. Painting season is pretty much over out my way so plan on seeing alot more of the online projects and drawing showing up here. I have been doing alot of work on graffitimassive and trying to get it moving. Starting a new graffiti forum isn’t the easiest thing. People like to join but no one wants to start the conversation lol. Either way, I will be adding new graffiti pics to both galleries and starting some serious work on tutorials of how to draw graffiti letters. Needless to say, I am still doing custom tshirts so get your orders to me in time for the holidays!

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