RIP Frank Frazetta

by TheGone84

Frank Frazetta died 10th may at the age of 82. If you don’t know his name, you will know his art. He has to be among a handful of great fantasy artists whose paintings still sell for a million+. best known for his work on Conan the Barbarian, Frank Frazetta was an integral part of what brought comic book art into mainstream circles. As a graffiti artist in a time when there were very few writers around as influence, i can tell you that his art was an inspiration and influence on not only myself, but those around me. Back in the day, the frazetta books made their rounds and were more coveted among my friends and myself than Subway Art ever will be. From his Molly Hatchet album covers to his comic work, all of his art is to be treasured. Although he may not have been a graffiti writer himself, his contribution to our craft is to be noted and respected. Please take time to reflect on the artists we are losing daily as to lose our history is to lose our identity.

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