Custom Tshirts!

by TheGone84

your name in graffiti on a shirt Ever since I was a kid, people have been asking me to do their names for them. I have had more practice over the years by writing peoples’ names for them than I can ever hope to have on walls.

Thanks to modern technology and the availability of print on demand, I can now offer you your name not only on paper, but on your own ONE OF A KIND Tshirt!

Each shirt will be $35, hoodies black or white will be $60 and only the amount that you order will be made. After that, the design is history! This is your chance to own an original piece of artwork from a writer that’s been in the game since the early 80’s! All you have to do is hit the paypal donations button and drop your info into the comments box when you pay. Make sure to include your Name, The name you want on the shirt(s), the color and style of shirt you want and an address to mail it to!

I assure you that every piece will be done by me and if you order within 30 days from this post, I will send you the original drawing as well!

Better hurry, These things are gonna go faster that Zhu Zhu Pets! zhu zhu pets num num



by TheGone84

jerseydtlsmlHello again!  Just dropping a quick line about what’s been going on of late.  As most know,  I have jumped into the webhosting and digital design arena.  Needless to say, it doesnt really have much to do with writing graffiti or any of the fine arts.  For that reason, I have separated the two and have opened gutterdesign.info as the graphic design compliment to gutterhost.com which is my hosting company.  I set up Gutterhost to cater specifically to the art and music communities by offering cheap webhosting that is also reliable.  I intend to move all of my sites there and look forward to jumping back into the scene now that I am home from Iraq.  All of my graffiti work and fine art ventures will still be showcased on this site so don’t despair.  In addition to all of this, I am also working on a few video tutorials on graffiti art and general design principles for those who are looking to learn about these things. As always, I am busy 90 percent of the time while still only completing 10 percent of my projects!  Hopefully I will come to some happy medium in the near future.  Until then, thank God for whisky LOL.

A quickie upon returning

A quickie upon returning

Okay, so it’s been a little over a week now since i have been home and sitting on my stupid couch lol. either way, I am home and finally getting ready to put some paint on walls 🙂 Not much to write about at the moment really. Restocking the paint supply, doing some drawing for the kids over at bboy.org, catching up with family to the best of my ability. Soon enough though, productivity mode will kick in and I’ll be back in action 110%….hopefully

Funky Fresh Foto of me in action by Ekro

Funky Fresh Foto of me in action by Ekro

You know shit’s getting close when I start to post about absolutely nothing. Its looking like I will be home in 3 weeks or less. Not just in the states, but sitting on my back swing drinkin beers and forgetting about this place once and for all!!!! Definitely not a minute too soon though. There is so much to catch up on. Gotta hand out presents and love for the birthdays and holidays I missed. Gotta catch up on the old crew(at least one that I know of is going to be a daddy and a husband very soon CONGRATS). Gotta work on the websites I have acquired while I was here. Gotta fix up the graffiti board at THE BEST GRAFFITI FORUM ON EARTH as I have been neglecting my mod powers over there for so long. Now working THREE book projects and a film idea. Gotta catch up on sooo much stuff. Already have a few commissioned paintings to do in the next couple months and will be looking for many more. AND then there is looking for a job to think about. Whoever thought that going home is going to be easy street was definitely short sighted LOL. But at least its home. The baggage I carry back from this place will hopefully leave my psyche in short order so I can get my life together the way it should have been before I left. But I leave that one up to G_d and forces way beyond my control.



by TheGone84

img010The anticipation of leaving this place is driving me mad. Its really strange being in this environment and most people probably won’t get it, but today seems just like all the rest of the days since i got here. Nothing changes, just another day. It doesn’t feel any more like the last day here than it did on the 150th day. very strange. But regardless, just knowing that i will be going home is such a strange thought that it is a point of interest for today lol. Been working up so many projects that can’t be acted upon until i get back. This of course coming from the king of unfinished projects. I swear, the only thing i have ever finished from design to completion has been graffiti pieces on walls and trains(allegedly).  i don’t care what anyone says, graffiti art and graffiti culture have to be the greatest things for the human soul anywhere.

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