Funky Fresh Foto of me in action by Ekro

Funky Fresh Foto of me in action by Ekro

You know shit’s getting close when I start to post about absolutely nothing. Its looking like I will be home in 3 weeks or less. Not just in the states, but sitting on my back swing drinkin beers and forgetting about this place once and for all!!!! Definitely not a minute too soon though. There is so much to catch up on. Gotta hand out presents and love for the birthdays and holidays I missed. Gotta catch up on the old crew(at least one that I know of is going to be a daddy and a husband very soon CONGRATS). Gotta work on the websites I have acquired while I was here. Gotta fix up the graffiti board at THE BEST GRAFFITI FORUM ON EARTH as I have been neglecting my mod powers over there for so long. Now working THREE book projects and a film idea. Gotta catch up on sooo much stuff. Already have a few commissioned paintings to do in the next couple months and will be looking for many more. AND then there is looking for a job to think about. Whoever thought that going home is going to be easy street was definitely short sighted LOL. But at least its home. The baggage I carry back from this place will hopefully leave my psyche in short order so I can get my life together the way it should have been before I left. But I leave that one up to G_d and forces way beyond my control.


DSC00559 (Medium)I am so close to going home I can almost smell the air. A few more weeks and I will be flying my crazy ass out of this place and back to the place where I belong.  The hard part being finding a job and all that, but I am sure it will come. That and the walls and the paint and the “write my name in graffiti” requests that come at me from all sides. Life promises to be very busy from the second I touch ground in the states. So much has happened in the year I’ve been on this mission. Michael Jackson died, Billy Mays, Walter Cronkite, Farah Fawcet, Iz the Wiz, our economy and maybe democracy its blessed self.  Both my cars back home are on their last legs, my record label is dying from neglect, I haven’t seen my drum machines, my keyboards, my dj equipment in so long it feels like forever. And I am not even going to start complaining about missing the people I left behind to accomplish this. But then, I acquired 6 new domains while I was here. I hung most of them up online and more to come. I got back in touch with some really good friends from wayback in my graffiti beginnings and was reinstated into BBB crew. I scored that interview at miamigraffiti.com and actually put a piece up in a warzone lol. How many of us can say we’ve done that! So I guess I broke even on this one. At least spiritually. I have alot to look forward to when I get home and again, I can’t wait to see you all there.

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Gone84 in Iraq