Custom Tshirts!

by TheGone84

your name in graffiti on a shirt Ever since I was a kid, people have been asking me to do their names for them. I have had more practice over the years by writing peoples’ names for them than I can ever hope to have on walls.

Thanks to modern technology and the availability of print on demand, I can now offer you your name not only on paper, but on your own ONE OF A KIND Tshirt!

Each shirt will be $35, hoodies black or white will be $60 and only the amount that you order will be made. After that, the design is history! This is your chance to own an original piece of artwork from a writer that’s been in the game since the early 80’s! All you have to do is hit the paypal donations button and drop your info into the comments box when you pay. Make sure to include your Name, The name you want on the shirt(s), the color and style of shirt you want and an address to mail it to!

I assure you that every piece will be done by me and if you order within 30 days from this post, I will send you the original drawing as well!

Better hurry, These things are gonna go faster that Zhu Zhu Pets! zhu zhu pets num num



by TheGone84

img010The anticipation of leaving this place is driving me mad. Its really strange being in this environment and most people probably won’t get it, but today seems just like all the rest of the days since i got here. Nothing changes, just another day. It doesn’t feel any more like the last day here than it did on the 150th day. very strange. But regardless, just knowing that i will be going home is such a strange thought that it is a point of interest for today lol. Been working up so many projects that can’t be acted upon until i get back. This of course coming from the king of unfinished projects. I swear, the only thing i have ever finished from design to completion has been graffiti pieces on walls and trains(allegedly).  i don’t care what anyone says, graffiti art and graffiti culture have to be the greatest things for the human soul anywhere.

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Bikini City 1990

Bikini City 1990

Yeah, we all start somewhere. Today I posted some of the very few existing pics from my first decade of painting. They aren’t pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but fun to look back on. Wishing I had more to offer, but we were all poor street kids back then and not many of us had a camera or money to develop the film. NONE of us thought it would matter this many years later but here we are and the history is so far gone on everyone that we all wish like mad that we had some flix to offer. There are quite a few from some of the masters of the day out there, but not so many of the guys outside of the southern part of the county. Hopefully the ones I offer today will give you at least some insight as to what we were doing back in the day.